Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Waiting Game

The past three days have been dedicated to finding a home. I think we have looked at every home the area has to offer, and we have finally reached a decision! It is actually the very first one we looked at, the one that I have described in a previous post. It is a three story townhouse. The bottom story is the garage and laundry room, the second story is the kitchen, dining room, living room, and 1/2 bath, and then third story is two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We went to lunch with the owner today and got along with him really well. We should hopefully be signing a contract either Friday or Saturday! Our stuff will hopefully be able to be moved out of storage and into the townhouse on Monday! I will post up pictures as soon as we can take some!

We have also been looking at furniture whenever we haven't been looking at houses. We really like the Crate and Barrel stuff, and we will most likely be getting a bed and couch from there. We went to probably the worlds largest Ikea store yesterday...we actually got lost in it!

Today we tried our first Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta. I'm just not so sure about mexican food with no cheese just doesn't have the same charm. Apparently it was voted to have the best mexican food in the Bay Area. I'm really hoping that we just have completely different taste buds than all these people because I was quite dissappointed. I guess we'll just be getting our mexican fix whenever we come home!

I am hoping we can either take a day trip to San Fransisco or Napa Valley in the next week. There is a train from Mountain View to San Fransisco that takes about an hour, so we think that could be fun to do one day!

Hopefully next time we post, we will not be homeless! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this deal goes through! We'll keep you posted.

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