Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home At Last

We finally got to spend the night in our new bed :) The townhouse is beginning to feel like 'home' now that we have all of our stuff (and some of it is actually put in it's correct place).

Since we've gotten a bit behind in our blogging, I'll give you a quick recap:

Thursday - This was supposed to be the day that DirecTV installed our dish and started service. Before the installers came to the house, I had contacted the HOA about correct dish placement (gotta follow all the rules...), and they sent me a picture of a dish mounted to a conduit on the roof. When I showed the same picture to the DirecTV guys, they said that their new dishes are too large to mount that way, and that they had to bolt it down. The HOA obviously doesn't want to void the roof's warranty by bolting things down into it, so DirecTV is a no go. The only real problem with not having DirecTV is that I can't order NFL Sunday Ticket and watch all of the Titans games (and that we're now forced to have Comcast). The rest of the day was spent doing more unpacking and organizing. We did manage to take a break Thursday evening to go have dinner with David Long, a fellow Jacksonian who went to school at Stanford and has been working for Google's legal department for the past 2 years (you may remember him as the really tall guy from Prep who played basketball and football).

Friday - Delivery day! Our couch, bedroom suite, and mattress set were delivered in the early afternoon. The couch looks really good and is quite comfortable, but we think it managed to grow a bit larger since Paige made her model of the living room. Anyways, the couch and love seat are something we bought to hold on to, so if it's not perfect this year, we can deal. I spent several hours assembling the bedroom furniture, and it all looks great. We definitely made a good choice there. The mattress set is ridiculously comfortable, so we're feeling good about the bedroom setup.

Today - We slept in today (just getting moving really), but we've got plenty planned to do. We've got to find a replacement for my destroyed desk, so I think we're going to make another trip to IKEA. I also may try to mount the bedroom TV to the wall. There's also always more unpacking, but the more we unpack, the more boxes pile up (the garage is already half-full, as is our downstairs entryway), and those aren't getting taken away until Wednesday.

We'll post pictures and some more description later this weekend, assuming we have the place in a decent state by then.

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