Monday, June 15, 2009

A Low Key Day...

Today was a pretty low key day. We woke up and put on our exercise clothes and went for a walk through downtown Mountain View. I think my favorite thing about downtown Mountain View is that either way you look down the street, there is a view of mountains! Such a beautiful place! :) This picture isn't particularly pretty...but it gives the idea of just seeing the mountains as you are driving down the road.

I also really like how all of the restaurants have an extra little sidewalk with tables and umbrellas so that you can always sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

On our way back from the walk, we stopped at Long's Drug Store (which CVS is currently in the process of taking over) and bought some groceries and other things we needed. It is so handy living within walking distance of everything! I feel like I should also comment on how AMAZING the weather is here. The air is so thin and crisp...quite the opposite of the ridiculous humidity we are accustomed to! Today I actually had to wear a fleece when the sun went behind the clouds!

This afternoon we went and saw The Hangover. We had very high expectations after talking to all of our friends who have seen the movie, and I've got to say that it definitely lived up to all the hype! After the movie we decided to drive around and explore the city. Scott was trying to teach me the roads, but with my sense of direction, we didn't really get anywhere. We have decided that I am just going to have to drive from now on so that I can't zone out and lose track of where we are. Tonight we are just taking it easy and relaxing. It will be a long day tomorrow looking for a place to live!

Tomorrow morning we are meeting with the real estate agent at 10:45 AM. Our first appointment is at 11:00 AM. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can find our new home tomorrow! We are so ready to finally have a place to call home and begin the "nesting" process! I would really like to start moving and looking for furniture before Scott starts work on July 6th.

We'll post more about what we see tomorrow!

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