Monday, June 29, 2009

Things In Their Places

This post will be short and sweet, since we've done little besides unpack, clean, and organize.

All of the boxes have been emptied, and they're now stacked up in the garage, waiting for the moving company to come on Wednesday to pick them all up.

We spent a bit of yesterday and today getting our phone plans all sorted out (cell numbers remain the same), but we're going to try to use the house phone when we can (unlimited), so if you need that number, send one of us an email or text and we'll pass it along.

Comcast is scheduled to come tomorrow, so barring unforeseen issues, we should have cable by lunch :)

While we still have plenty of organizing and arranging to do, the new place was in good enough shape to take some pictures of, which you can find here.

Our first visitor (Paige's mom), arrives in about 30 minutes (her dad comes Wednesday), so I've gotta go ahead and wrap this up.

There should be some more interesting posts coming soon, as we will likely make a few trips to San Francisco and Napa Valley while Paige's parents are in town.

See ya!

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