Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello again!

I know it has been FOREVER since you have last heard from us...over a month...we know...sorry! For most of it, I was doing as my last blog said, studying like crazy! I took the NAPLEX, which is the Pharmacy Board Exam, and I passed!! woohoo!! That was very exciting because it made me an official pharmacist in Mississippi, since I had already taken the Mississippi Law Exam and passed it before we moved out here! A week after I took the NAPLEX, I took the CPJE, which is the California Law Exam. That exam is known to be very very hard, so I was super nervous and was trying to study extra hard! I had to wait almost a month before I heard the results, but last week we found out that I passed the CPJE, so I am officially a pharmacist in California!!! Well, almost officially...I still have to wait another week for them to process everything and THEN they will give me a license number and THEN I can begin acting as an official pharmacist! YAY!!!

Since I took the CPJE, I have been working part time in the WalMart in Mountain View (the one close to our house!!) so that I can get used to the store. One of the full time pharmacists from the Mountain View store just left to work at a brand new Walmart that opened closer to his house, which left a spot wide open for me to fill in! The timing could not have been more perfect! I am really excited about beginning full time in that store! I really like everyone that I work with, and I like the pace of the store too. It is consistently busy, so I don't get bored, but it rarely gets too busy to where I feel overwhelmed. But the best thing about it is that I live 5 minutes away, so the commute is wonderful!

We have finally gotten all of our furniture, so our house really feels a lot more like a home! I will take some pictures soon and post them so you can see our loveseat and ottoman! We love our little home so much! We are expecting the last shipment of our dishes next week, and then we will pretty much have a complete home!

A few weeks ago we took a day trip to Napa with another couple. We left Mountain View early and set out for a day of wine tasting and yummy food! We ate lunch at a restaurant called Botega that is owned Michael Chiarrelo, one of the chef's that has a show on food network and has also been on the show Top Chef Masters. The food was awesome, and I also got to see Michael Chirello doing a cooking demonstration, which really made my day!!! It is so amazing that we live so close and can just go away for such an amazing day us...we are not taking this for granted!! Another plus to our Napa trip is that we have discovered one of the VERY FEW chick fil a's in CA is about 20 minutes away from Napa! So of course, we took a little side trip on our way home to enjoy some yummy chick fil a that we have been missing so much! Our friends had never had chick fil a before, so we were very glad that we were able to introduce them to this little bit of heaven! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day!

This past weekend, we celebrated me becoming a pharmacist by going to Alexander's Steakhouse, which is a SUPER NICE steakhouse in Cupertino. The food was unbelievable and the service was just as good! We spent about 3 hours eating dinner...everything was so good, we couldn't stop eating...we were still full today! My favorite thing about Alexanders was that they served everyone COTTON CANDY at the end of the meal....what a genius idea! I absolutely love cotton candy, and in my opinion, we need more opportunities to eat it than the occasional fair or circus.

Other than what I've already talked about, we have just been watching a lot of football and hanging out with friends! We feel so blessed that our life here has fallen into place so easily. We have no complaints, other than we wish we could see everyone at home too! We miss you!

COMING HOME UPDATE!! We think that we are going to be able to come home the weekend of November 21st, which is the weekend of the Ole Miss vs LSU game! We hope to be able to spend a few days in Jackson and then the weekend in Oxford! We are so excited! We miss the grove and watching our Rebels play! Hotty Toddy!

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