Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy! Study, Study, Study!

Once again, I have failed on keeping up with the blog! We have actually been very busy lately, so we have just forgotten to keep everyone updated! This is going to be a short life update on what we have been up to since the last post.

On the weekend after the successful dinner party that I posted about, we took a day trip to Santa Cruz, which is a beach that is like 30 minutes from our house. It is a very interesting place, that is VERY touristy. There is a boardwalk that is about a mile long and pretty much has a year round state fair type thing with rides and games right on the water. It was a good place to see once, but it was SO crowded and kind of dirty and touristy, so I think once might be enough for us. There are some other, more low key, beaches around Santa Cruz that we will most likely go to whenever we need our beach fix.

On the Sunday after the Santa Cruz trip, I woke up feeling TERRIBLE with a really bad sore throat and body aches. I pretty much stayed in bed for several days until I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic. It took me around a week to fully recuperate. Of course, as soon as I started feeling better, Scott started feeling bad, so we were sick and not doing too much for about 2 weeks.

However, right when I was starting to feel better, and Scott hadn't fully started to feel bad, Sophia and Matt (the people we had invited over for dinner) invited us to their house for dinner. We ate some yummy kabobs, homemade grilled pizza, and bananas foster at their house and had a great time!

The next week I started my first week of work at a store in Fremont, which is about 30 minutes away. It was good to get out and start working, but it was definitely an adjustment. Many things are different in California than they were in Mississippi, so I had to relearn different ways of doing things! I feel better now that I have gotten a little bit accustomed to working in a pharmacy in California.

While I was working, I FINALLY received the letter from the California Board of Pharmacy that allowed me to sign up for the NAPLEX (the pharmacy board exam) and the CPJE (the California pharmacy law exam). I will be taking the NAPLEX on Friday, September 4th, and the CPJE on Tuesday, September 8th. So until then, I have time off to study, study, study! Which is exactly what I will be doing, so I can pass and finally be a real pharmacist!

We did take a study break this last weekend, and we went for a walk at the Dish on Saturday afternoon. The Dish is the place that I went walking with Heather that is over by Stanford and has BEAUTIFUL views of the entire bay area. It was nice to finally get out and get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful day.

On Saturday night, we went out with Matt and Sophia and several of their friends to a country bar. It was very ironic going to a country bar in California, but it did make us feel a little at home :)

When we got back from the walk, we were talking about how great the weather is here, and how we need to find something to do to get out in it more often. We decided that we should take up golf! This is perfect since there is a course right by our house, we are both beginners so we will be learning together, and it will be something fun to do to go outside and enjoy the day! So on Sunday, we had our first lesson with the pro at the Shoreline Golf Course. We had a really good time! He gave us several drills to practice and told us to go to the driving range several times to master the drills before we sign up for our next lesson. We are really excited about our new hobby and can't wait to get back out there and hit some balls!

On Sunday night, Sophia and Matt came over to our house for dinner and to watch True Blood, a show that we all love on HBO.

All this week, I have been spending most of my time studying. Today I went with Heather to the Dish for a walk and then we went out to lunch afterward. We are planning on another morning walk on Friday, so I am excited to have someone to exercise with!

Sorry this was so much at one time! I miss everyone and love you all! :)

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