Friday, August 7, 2009

Successful dinner party!

So yesterday was a crazy day! It started by me waking up and deciding to do laundry, so I grabbed the landry basket and started down the stairs. Of course I slipped on the first stair and the heavy laundry basket dragged me down the entire flight of stairs!! To make matters worse, I was also holding a full glass of water which went ALL over me!! Haha...great start to the day! Today my rear is not feeling so swell and I also think I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder falling down the stairs? Not really sure how I did that...maybe the arm that was carrying the laundry got yanked? Oh well, hopefully it will be feeling better soon!

On Wednesday night my wish for us being motivated to tidy up and hang pictures came true! We picked up the pictures I had sent off to be printed and went by Michaels and WalMart to look for frames. We ended up finding some good frames at WalMart that were much cheaper than the Michaels frames, so we went with those! I call the wall across from the table our Oxford wall because the collage of frames are all Oxford pictures and the picture over my desk is a Larry Wamble print that was a wedding gift and says "We may not win every game...but we ain't never lost a party". We also hung my van Gogh painting over by the kitchen. Here are some pictures...

This picture is the overview of the wall. I think I could have gone a little bigger on the pictures and frames for the collage, but we had already bought and hung everything, so I think Scott may kill me if I go out and reprint pictures, buy new frames, and make him measure and hang a whole new set of pictures! The perfect alignment is definitely Scott's patience and need for perfection kicking in! It definitely took lots of measurements and working with the level to make that happen!

I'm not sure if you can really tell what these are, so here's the descriptions from top to bottom.
Faulker on the bench from on the square, Bottletree Bakery, Walk of Champions, Speed limit 18 sign from on campus, Rowan Oak, Ajax door

We had so many more great shots that we wanted to include but these were the pictures that we liked the best and thought looked the best in the frames.

This is a close up of the Larry Wamble print that is hanging above my desk.

This is the picture of the van Gogh print that is hanging right outside the kitchen.

I think that having pictures on the wall really cozies the place up! It feels a lot more like home now that the walls aren't so bare! And I really like that we were able to use pictures that we had that actually mean something to us and make them look great without spending much money! :)

So yesterday I spent most of the day preparing for dinner. I went ahead and prepared everything so that when they got there, all I had to do was pop things into the oven! For the appetizer I made Mrs. Thrash's cheesy corn dip. They LOVED everyone does!! For dinner I made Scott's mom, Donna's, spicy shrimp and rice casserole with bacon wrapped asparagus, salad, and garlic bread. And for dessert, we had homemade ice cream cake that was tiramissu flavored with Kahlua, coffee, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream! Everything was very yummy! All the prep work that day really paid off since everything was ready so I didn't have to spend all of my time in the kitchen!

We really like Matt and Sophia! Matt was Scott's mentor last summer when Scott was working for Microsoft as an intern. They just got married last year and are around our age. We got along great last night, and have already started talking about taking a trip to Napa soon!

I also enjoyed getting to use all of our new wedding gifts for the first time! I LOVE all of our Juliska pieces! They look so pretty together! Here is a picture of our set table.

It makes me so happy! I love all of our choices and how great they all look together!

Well today is back to the books, but I thought I would give a quick (or not so quick) update on how things went last night! I told y'all I was going to work on blogging more often!

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