Monday, July 27, 2009

The Routine

Sorry for the long delay between posts, we haven't had too much going on recently... and we've been thoroughly distracted watching 'Lost'.

Work has been going well, and I'm finally getting to the point where I can meaningfully contribute (there's a whole lot to learn and get accustomed to before you can really get much done). I've got my own office, fully equipped with two brand new computers, and a fully stocked soda refrigerator is just down the hall :)

As Paige mentioned in the previous post, I've been playing basketball on Tuesdays (regularly scheduled pickup games after work on-campus). The first week I was downright awful, making about 2% of my shots and turning the ball over just about every chance I could. Last week was quite a bit better, and while I still didn't shoot the lights out, I handled and distributed the ball pretty well (and played some halfway decent defense).

Aside from actual sports, I've also been playing some virtual golf. Several friends and I have picked up 'Tiger Woods 10' for Playstation3 and have been enjoying some friendly online competition. The combination of the great weather out here and the fun I'm having with 'fake' golf is almost making me consider attempting to play some actual golf one of these days... we'll see...

Paige has been cooking almost every night, and I must say that she's getting pretty darn good at it. It's pretty much the routine for me to come home, say 'Hello', fire up a round of Tiger Woods while Paige cooks dinner, and then we both sit down and watch Lost for a few hours (halfway through the third season).

Anyways, that's my quick update and a rundown of the routine, hopefully we'll have some more exciting things to tell you about soon...

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