Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!!!!

Haha, yes I'm a huge dork! Scott and I are so excited that today is the big day!! We have been preparing for the last week by watching all of the 5 movies preceding the one that comes out tonight! I wish we could have gone to the midnight showing last night, but since Scott has to do this silly thing called work, we decided to wait until tonight to go. I can't wait 'till tonight!

Other than watch lots of Harry Potter, Scott and I have not really done anything too exciting since the last blog. Last weekend we went shopping (surprise, surprise) to try to find accessories and things to hang on the walls. Even though all of our furniture (at least the furniture we have gotten...) and stuff is in place, it still doesn't really feel complete since all of the walls are bare, picture frames and vases are empty, you get the picture. I'm sort of OCD and like things finished, so its driving me crazy that the house is still unfinished. But i KNOW it is going to take a while, and we can't buy everything now, so I'm trying to be patient and focus on the beautiful things we already have!

We have finally found throw pillows for the couch and the bed! This is sadly a huge accomplishment since we have probably bought and returned at least 10 pillows already! Any by "we" I mean "me"...Scott has long grown tired of the process, and his new response is, "if you are happy, then I am happy"! Haha, I think he's just really tired of coming home to new pillows everyday. We also now have a chair to go with our couch!! Pottery Barn delivered the chair on Tuesday, so we now our living room is a little more complete. We are still waiting on our loveseat (keep your fingers crossed that it fits...) and our ottoman/coffee table and end table. Apparently those take like 2 months to assemble for some reason, so we aren't expecting those to arrive until the end of August. We are very happy with our choice on the chair! I think it goes very well with the couch and looks really good in the room as well. I also used some Pottery Barn credit to buy some accessories for our master bathroom. So overall, we are definitely making progress on the house, and it is slowly, but surely, coming together!

On the pharmacy front, I have contacted Wal-Mart, and I am meeting with Emmanuel (my district manager) sometime in the next two weeks. I am hoping that I will have some idea of when I will be able to take my NAPLEX by the time I talk to him. However, he told me not to hold my breath on anything moving quickly with the CA Board of Pharmacy since they are understaffed and have to deal with the entire state of California...and to make matters worse, CA is bankrupt so they have cut their work week down to 4 days. Therefore, he told me not to expect to be fully licensed for another 2-3 :( However, since I have sent in everything they have asked for very quickly, and since I sent in my original application 2 months ago, I am hoping that the process will move a little more quickly for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The other thing that we are working on right now is trying to decide which gym to join. We have gotten some free trials to several of the gyms and we are currently in the process of trying them out. I went to a Zumba class yesterday at 24 hour fitness. I loved it!! For those of you who don't know, Zumba is pretty much a dance/aerobic class where you pretty much do Latin inspired dance moves mixed with hip hop and a little bit of some other stuff...honestly, I have no idea what moves you are really doing, but it is so much fun and a GREAT workout! I highly recommend going and trying it out if your gym offers it! And don't let insecurities stop you because you pretty much just laugh the whole time because no one but the instructor can actually perform the moves properly, but its a really good time trying! If you're curious, click here to see a video that shows people doing Zumba. Another positive that came from doing Zumba is that I met a girl there that goes every week and she usually has a friend that she comes with, so hopefully I can make some friends there too! :)

Our neighbor Cathy brought over a yummy cobbler yesterday too! Budding friendships everywhere! I have talked to her a few times when we have both been outside. She and her husband are both attorneys, and her husband is a lawyer at Google. They seem really nice, so we are looking forward to getting to know them better!

Scott stayed after work yesterday and played basketball with some guys from work. He always really enjoys playing basketball, so I think he's really excitied that they do this every week! So maybe Tuesday will be Zumba day for me and basketball day for Scott! We'll see, but we're slowly but surely getting out there and meeting people!

Here are some pictures of the new things in the house that I was talking about earlier.

This is our couch and chair from two different angles. The lighting isn't great, so everything looks a little darker than it is. As you can see, we desperately need something on the big blank walls...

This is our bed with the pillows I have FINALLY chosen! Once again, we desperately need things to hang on walls! If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know!!!

This is the master bathroom. I got the accessories from Pottery Barn. I still think it needs a little something, but oh well...once again please bring forth any suggestions! There I am in the shower taking the picture! :)

I forgot to brag on Scott earlier, so I'll do it now. For those of you who don't know, Scott built this center piece from scratch a few years ago to put his TV on. Since it was a little big for our living room space, we were puzzled with what to do with it. We had finally decided to put it in the garage for storage. We had been planning on getting a little table or something to put under this window, and then Scott got the bright idea to try putting this "TV stand" under the window. I think it worked very well!! And actually, it saved us from buying two pieces or furniture. We were also trying to figure out what we were going to do with all of our DVDs and media equipment, and we had decided that we were going to have to buy some sort of media stand. However, we didn't end up having to since Scott had actually specifically designed the shelves to be the perfect size to hold DVDs! So here is our old TV stand that has been made pretty on the top by beautifiul wedding gifts and functional on the bottom as a place to hold all of our movies! Also, you can see my herbs growing in the pot on the left :)

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  1. Really like what y'all have done with the place...Can't wait to see it in person! Love and miss y'all!